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Is a Community Center providing accessible facilities to all members of our community, especially those with developmental disabilities (DD) and traumatic and acquired brain injuries (TBI/ABI), including adults, children, teens, and seniors.

Our programming allows individuals to select from a variety of activities and opportunities that include expressive arts, adaptive computer lab, health and wellness activities and accredited vocational training services on and off site, all with support from dedicated and skilled staff. Volunteers and interns offer additional support throughout the year. These activities provide numerous benefits; an awareness of healthy lifestyles, increased self esteem, independence, learning, friendships, creativity and pure enjoyment.


Facilities are available to the public, including a warm water therapy pool, gymnasium, event center with theater and stage, and outdoor BBQ and amphitheater - all available by reservation for reasonable fees.

African American older female participants with a hugesmile, a caucasian male on stage behind her playing the flute in frot of a mic and music stand
7 participants in a blue pool, all smiling
Our Strategic Goals


PRRC’s Board of Directors has approved an ambitious strategic plan for 2016-2019. Here are our goals:


  1. Become a compelling community center that serves a diverse population.

  2. Expand opportunities for clients to demonstrate their value by working and volunteering in the community.

  3. Become a leader in health and wellness services to people with and without disabilities.

  4. Become a leader in expressive arts programming for people with and without disabilities.

  5. Respond to trends in changing demographics.

  6. To be an excellent employer and develop the capacity of our staff.

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