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Brainstorm is a unique social recreation and community integration program that serves adults who have an acquired or traumatic brain injury. Participants enjoy a diverse selection of classes that help them develop or relearn valuable skills needed to function as independently as possible in the community. The social support and peer encouragement   provided by Brainstorm helps brain injury survivors to feel less alone and cope with the daily frustrations and feelings of loss that many experience.

Download our BrainStorm Program FACT SHEET PDF

For enrollment Information, please contact

Ricky Ulrich


Program Objectives

To increase leisure education skills: Activities include exploration of leisure interests, community outings, resource development, and discussion groups. Clients also participate in dancing, art, nature programs, cooking, music, games, gardening, fitness, special events and adventure trips.

To increase aquatic, fitness, and health skills: Activities include therapeutic water exercise, relaxation, weight training, stretching, walking, games, team sports, and discussions about health-related issues.

To increase creative and expressive skills Activities develop self-expression through drama, music composition and improvisation, storytelling, poetry, holiday arts, video production, dance, quilting, painting, stained glass, and drawing.

To increase independent living skills: Participants build skills necessary for community involvement including navigating public transportation, money management, safety awareness, communication, personal care, and time and home management.

To increase cognitive and memory skills: Activities include use of computers, memory games, crossword puzzles, memory building techniques, group discussions, current events, memory assignments, guided imagery and board games.

To increase vocation and volunteer skills: Activities include group discussion in the Center’s Employment & Community Services, employment opportunities, resume writing, job exploration and training, and volunteer opportunities in the community.

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