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Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center’s

Scola Legacy Society

Named for longtime board member and Center benefactor Roy Scola, our Scola Legacy Society honors those generous supporters who have remembered the Center in their estate plans.

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Esther Landau
Development Director

You Make a Bequest


Benefitting your favorite educational, medical, arts, environmental, religious or other charitable organizations will provide you with an enormous amount of satisfaction.


Many people consider a bequest the perfect way to make a gift. You can help a charity in the future without using your assets today.


Great Flexibility

A bequest lets you balance philanthropic goals with concerns you may have about living expenses, future medical costs, and loved ones. Because you are not actually making a gift today and giving the asset away irrevocably, you need not worry that you won’t have enough to live on should you need the asset after all.

What will your legacy be?


When Matt and Tanya Miller started asking themselves these questions, they knew the answer right away. They wanted their legacy to be a future where children, teens and adults with disabilities live full lives. And they wanted their story to say that they made a difference in their community.


So they made a gift in their will to the Pomeroy Center.

“The Center is an organization we felt was very worthy of our support, given its long history. We want it to be around for years and years.”

Many people consider such a gift an ideal way to donate because it allows them to help the Pomeroy Center in the future without using their assets today.


​Since the Pomeroy Center was founded in 1952, the world has changed dramatically, but one thing will always be true: individuals with disabilities will need support to learn, work, make friends, express themselves, and become more independent. By making a gift in your will, you are helping to ensure that support will be there, no matter how much the world changes in the coming decades.

"This kind of Gift will benefit so many others ..."


Donor Anita Antler's husband Gynt, had a very serious back injury, and Pomeroy Center’s pool was part of his rehabilitation. This was more than 30 years ago!

My husband and I made the decision together [to include the Center in our will], right around the same time as he was using the pool in late 1980s. He felt that it was the one charity that he could give to that would benefit other people. Since it really benefitted him so much, we wanted to do this.


Why should someone give to the Center in their will?


This kind of gift will benefit so many other people who really need it. The pool can help all kinds of people – it’s just wonderful to see the kids in their swim lessons. It really is a special pool ....

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