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When Janet Pomeroy founded the Recreation Center for the Handicapped (now known as Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center/PRRC) in 1952, few thought it would survive. As far as Janet knew, there were no other recreation centers for people with disabilities. Her work started with six teens and two volunteers in one room of the nearby Fleishacker Pool Building. In 1973, just four years before the passage of the historic Lanterman Act, the program moved to the other side of the San Francisco Zoo, and is still located at 207 Skyline Blvd.

Geroge Dolim (2018), a renowned and career architect in San Francisco, was instrumental in the construction of the current Pomeroy Center. Inspired by his daughter Clare, who has Cerebral Palsy, George dedicated his energy and talents to removing physical barriers for people with disabilities. Beginning in 1966, George was a key leader in the establishment of the Center. He was active in all aspects of the design, development, and also community awareness. He served as Board President, as Director Emeritus and ultimately as the 1996 recipient of the Banner of Love Humanitarian Award.

Janet's dream, to meet community needs for programs serving children and adults with disabilities, has become a reality. Today, through its programs and services PRRC serves nearly 2,000 people every week. Our center has been acknowledged nationally and internationally for pioneering recreation programs for people with developmental disabilities and for leadership in vocational rehabilitation, education, respite care and community-based programs. Our range of services has expanded from San Francisco to San Mateo counties.

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