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I grew up with an older sister with Down’s Syndrome and had a little sister 12 years younger, so I have been around kids and people with disabilities for most of my life. In high school I volunteered at my little sister’s preschool for four years. Deaf family members taught me ASL as well. I have an AA in Child Development from CCSF and a BA in Child and Adolescent Development with a concentration in Youth and Family Services from SFSU. Throughout my career, I have continued to work with youth with disabilities for more than twenty years. I have been at Pomeroy, working with every group, for almost ten years now. I enjoy working with our Transition Age Youth on social skills, work skills, and life skills. It is so great watching our students form friendships with each other regardless of ability or mobility. I love being active, karaoke, I can hear dog whistles, and can make a dove call with my hands.


Hi, my name is Irene and I am a Program Leader in the Teen and Transition Program for Group E, our older High School Students. I have been working with the Teens at Pomeroy for three years now. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Creative Writing. My goal is to help provide a space for the students to develop their sense of self and their interpersonal skills. I love the community at Pomeroy and look forward to all the interactions with staff and students. Outside of Pomeroy, I love painting and expressing myself through different creative mediums.



Hi, my name is Valencia. I have been working at Pomeroy for over a year now. I am a Program Leader I in the Teens and Transition Program. I have always been a service-oriented person. Through my personal experience, friends, and family, I realized that I wanted to teach and give back to my community. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development in School Age with a Minor in Special Education. I am currently a graduate student in the Early Childhood Special Education program at SFSU. I am also working towards a certificate in Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices. Ultimately, my career goal is to become a Special Education Teacher. My goal is to help our students succeed and further develop their skills. Outside of Pomeroy, I love art and the freedom of expression that comes with it. I also love cooking, baking, picnics, K-Pop, KHip-Hop , and playing games.



Hi, my name is Kaiti Kelley and I am the Teens and Transition Program Manager. I have a B.S. in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration from San Francisco State University. In the past 8 years, I have worked with recreation programs with individuals with and without disabilities. During college at SFSU I worked with both the Children & Teens Department as well as the Adult Day Program here at Pomeroy. Since returning to Pomeroy in 2018, I have  supported the Teens and Transition programs in the classroom, with overall curriculum development, and with fundraisers leading the student work group. Now, as the Program Manager I strive to build a staff and program that supports the social, emotional, and physical health and growth of each of our students which leads to building greater independence. Outside of Pomeroy, I enjoy being out in nature as much as possible, particularly adventure recreation. I also enjoy baking, cooking, and crafting.



Hi, I’m Thea! Leader of Teens Group D, one of our High School Groups. I'm so grateful and stoked to work with people of all abilities for the chance to connect, celebrate, share, learn, grow & play together. My life mission is to help build a healthier & kinder world for ALL people. I have a B.S. in Recreational Therapy from Indiana University, with minors in Spanish & Psychology and hold a national certification as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). In the past, I have worked as an ESL teacher in Spain and in Boulder, CO, facilitating adapted physical education and  rec programs for people with disabilities. I also LOVE to dance! I am super passionate about the wonders movement can do for EVERY BODY. My other interests include spending time in nature, music, holistic health, and sending snail mail. Ultimately, I just hope to help others "find the song that makes them dance.” I believe strongly that there is something special out there for everyone. I want to make sure everyone gets to feel this way, regardless of ability and I think Pomeroy is a place to make that happen!



I am Al, and I have been a Group Leader with the Transition Age Students here at Pomeroy for several years. Recently I have also started working with the San Francisco Unified School District as a paraprofessional at one of the elementary schools. I really enjoy fine arts projects and sports. With a background in art myself, both music and the fine arts, I find it is a great way to engage with the students and to promote self expression. Outside of work, I love taking a summer roadtrip, working on my art, and making music.



Hi, my name is Boris, and I started at Pomeroy almost ten years ago as a 1:1 for my nephew. After he graduated and moved onto an adult program, I was able to join the staff here. In addition to working at Pomeroy as a 1:1 and staff, I have worked as a paraprofessional within the school district. I love working with the students here because I can support them in gaining new skills and building independence. Outside of my time at Pomeroy I enjoy art.



Hello, I am Thomas.  I have worked at the Pomeroy Center since 2017.  I am a psychology major at Cal State East Bay and love learning and teaching new things.  My approach to working with children and all people is to be calm, authentic and to learn more about their interests and best ways to support them.  I lead a lot of active, adaptive, gross motor activities but also enjoy leading programs that fosters creativity and learning.  In my free time I enjoy exploring nature and the outdoors, playing music and spending time with friends and family.



Hi, my name is Estefania Montoya-Quijano. I have worked at Pomeroy for four years and I am the Teens and Transition Assistant Supervisor. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Psychology and recently completed my Masters in Research Psychology. I love being at Pomeroy and learning just as much from our students as they are learning from us. My goal for our students at Pomeroy is to promote their independence, self-advocacy skills, and provide a safe and inclusive environment. Outside of Pomeroy, I love painting, listening to music, and going to live shows.



I'm Damien and I'm a Program Leader II with our Transition Age Youth in the Teens and Transition Program. Prior to working at Pomeroy, I spent four years working as a paraeducator at an elementary school in a classroom of kids with autism. As someone on the autism spectrum myself, I have firsthand understanding of what it's like to be neurodivergent and I use that understanding to connect with and have a positive impact on the youth I work with. I am also a strong supporter of social justice and use my personal experience to advocate for other neurodivergent people as well as help them learn how to advocate for themselves. For fun I love singing karaoke, playing bass guitar, hiking, camping, spending time with my cat, playing video games, and being a drag king. I was born in Southern California but mostly grew up in the East and South Bay Area.



Hi, I’m Rose, and for over 30 years, I have worked as a Paraprofessional at Mission High School. I have also been at Pomeroy, working with our Transition Age Youth, for more than 20 years. Building and supporting our students’ independence in everyday life is what I love about working with our oldest students the most. Supporting them as they gain skills and confidence to transition into the workforce and various adult programs is very rewarding. Having fun with our students, and watching them have fun with their peers is one aspect of my job that I really enjoy. I also love seeing the students accomplish a task or skill they’ve been working on and show how happy and confident they are in the process. Outside of the Pomeroy Center, I love blowing bubbles, relaxing, coloring, and playing UNO. 



I am a long time veteran and sage of  the Pomeroy Center.  I am easy going and take the time to get to know the parents and children I work with. I have  a BSW and LSW in Criminal Justice and his ECE Master Teacher Certification. I've worked with children for more than 30 years.  I have worked with preteens and teens since college and that certainly has helped me with children working with children from all backgrounds.  A common trait among kids & teens, like all people, is they want to be heard,  treated with respect, learn, have their independence, and have fun. My main goal Making sure the students feel safe, trust while learning to achieve greater independence.  Kids and teens with disabilities need safety and trust so they are not taking advantage of. What I enjoy most about working with children is seeing student’s light up with their smiles, for example dribbling a basketball and making a basket, and hearing applause.  I enjoy working out and most sports off site, and onsite participating in gross motor activities with our students!

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Hi, I’m Michelle Arzimanoglou, K-8 and Clinical Programs Manager at the Pomeroy Center.  I have been working in the Children and Teens Department since 2013. I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University as well as  a  Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Applied Behavioral Analysis. I specialize in clinical therapy services such as: behavior intervention programs, language and communication skills, and occupational therapy techniques to best serve the participants. My primary focus is to provide support for individuals with disabilities through sensory processing integration, social skills, and functional/adaptive independent living skills through fun and engaging activities. She is passionate about helping others achieve personal goals to improve their quality of life and become the best versions of themselves possible.
Fun Fact: I amGreek and try to travel there every year for vacation and my favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough!


Hi I’m Fidel Rodriguez. I am a Group Leader in the youngest classroom at the Pomeroy Center, serving children 5-10 years of age with disabilities since 2015.   My Bachelor’s is from San Francisco State University in Child and Adolescent Development, as well as a double minor in Special Education.  I have worked in multiple levels of the education system and heavily advocate for inclusion both inside and outside the school setting. 

Fun Fact: I love to bike and be outdoors.


Director of Youth Services
Hi I’m Matt Snyder and my long history with the Pomeroy Center began in 2004, when I joined as a volunteer. Soon I began working at the Pomeroy Center. I have had a number of roles over the past seventeen years from PL1, Leader of Group D, Saturday Supervisor, to Teens and Transition Programs Manager and now Director of Youth Services.  I have a BS in Cellular Biology from San Francisco State University, and also have extensive volunteer experience at California Children's Services Medical Therapy Unit where I fostered a strong understanding in physical therapy and occupational therapy interventions.  Inclusion, compassion, collaboration and community guide my leadership. I strive every day to provide meaningful experiences and impactful services for the participants Pomeroy serves and professional development opportunities for my Pomeroy colleagues. 


Hi I’m Joseph and I have worked at the Pomeroy Center since 2019 as a Program Leader 1 in the Children and Teens Department as well as with the Adult Department.  I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Graphic Design from California Collage of Arts.  I  discovered my passion for working in the field  from my volunteer work at Creativity Explore where he supported and facilita visual art classes. I am a musician and I bring my musical background to inspire others in the program to express themselves through sound.

Fun Fact: I am a professional drummer who  plays gigs at different events across the Bay Area!


Hi, I’m Cassidy Rydeen and I lead the late elementary age group in the C/T Department. I have been working with our K-8 participants since early 2021. I currently am studying to obtain her BS in Speech, Hearing, and Language Science from SFSU. Cassidy enjoys volunteering in her spare time with Youth Programs in the community and has been working with children for over 3 years.  She is really passionate about making a positive difference everyday. 

Fun Fact: Cassidy is a Harry Potter Fan!


Saturday Manager/Office Manager

Hi I’m Clarissa Tong. I have worked with Pomeroy since College.  I studied International Business at Dominican University and have a strong understanding of business administration and IT.  I am also great listener and love working with children. I began my voyage at Pomeroy like many of our employees, as a volunteer and became so fond of working with the Pomeroy participants, I began to work for Pomeroy shortly after my time volunteering and have been here ever since.  I am your go to for enrollment questions, anything related to our Saturday program and strive for continued professional development among Pomeroy staff and to hone best practices.  I am a hard worker and a longtime friendly face of the Pomeroy Center.

Hi, I’m Ivy and I am Program Leader 2 for our upper elementary school aged students.  I am working to obtain her BA in Child & Development at Cal State East Bay and have 4 years of experience working with children. I have worked as a Behavior Technician and am familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis methods and techniques. I love taking the skills I have learned in school and previous experience with children and apply them in the classroom to support independence and development growth.

Fun Fact: I love to write, sing, and dance!



Hi, I’m Josh Rosen and I have been working in education for 13 years.  I have worked both in  San Francisco and Garden Grove, CA.  I am a Program Leader 2 and have been working at Pomeroy since 2015.  A goal I daily strive to achieve is to normalize disabilities, developing and maintaining inclusive friendships, and becoming agents for our own personal achievements.  I support and advocate and promote equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Fun Fact: I love drama/theater and the performing arts!

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