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Greetings to all - I hope you are staying healthy and safe! Here is your latest Pomeroy update:

After several months of successfully operating the Children & Teens Program onsite, we are now ready to take another step forward toward more in-person programming.


Adult Program Reopening Plans

On Monday, October 19, we will begin bringing a small number of adult participants back onto the Pomeroy campus – with great care.


Everyone will have a staggered schedule, with some people attending Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and others attending Tuesdays and Thursdays. Adult participants will be assigned to “pods” where only they and the staff serving them can mix. 


Social distancing requirements limit the numbers we can bring back initially even though we are using every inch of the campus – even the Main Hall and gym are now classrooms. Safety for our participants and staff will be paramount in this initial stage of reopening. 


Once we understand how our new setup works and what we might have to “tweak” we will do our best to bring additional adults back into program, expand pods, and possibly create additional new pods. Of course, we will continue providing remote services to those who do not or cannot return to Center in October. 


Pool Still Closed

As of today, the Herbst Pool remains closed. When we do open, our therapeutic swimmers will have first access to the pool with a “reservation” system designed to keep the attendance at whatever the maximum attendance is set for us. Once we understand how many swimmers come back and our what our daily schedule looks like, we will try to bring back children's swimming lessons as well. We will continue to provide the pool community updates as the rules change (which have been very slow to change since the closure last March). 


Rentals Still Paused

For community members who are interested in renting any part of the facility, we ask your continued patience for now. There are currently no opportunities for facility rentals for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please check our FAQ for further details.

In the meantime, check out our online learning resources!

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