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Your Garden Deserves Our Care!


Able Gardeners provides landscaping and grounds keeping services to both residential and commercial customers.  


Able Gardeners


Services PRRC's Able Gardeners Offer

Since 1992, the Able Gardeners have been beautifying San Francisco and San Mateo County with their exceptional gardening skills! If you're looking to cleanup your yard of those pesky weeds, or continue maintenance throughout the year, our team is there for the best of care. Contact us for a FREE estimate today! 
For more information, contact Able Gardeners at (415) 665-4100 or email

Benefits of doing business with Able Enterprises

• Businesses and individuals save costs of recruitment, training, employer taxes and benefits;
• All jobs are supervised (free of charge) to ensure job efficiency;
• Able Enterprises has over 20 years experience of providing quality service;
• Individuals who have the ability and commitment necessary for work, are offered an opportunity to participate in the workforce, increase self-esteem, promote self-sufficiency and contribute to our community


Testimonials from our happy customers:

"I have used the Able Gardeners from The Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center for about two years. I have found the gardeners and their supervisor to be great and efficient workers in my yard. They will weed, prune, rake, sweep, and do basically anything that I need that is within their capabilities. They are on time and work diligently in the time period I have requested. They bring their own tools and take away the trimmings and make the whole process so easy for me. This program gives Pomeroy Center an opportunity to train persons with disabilities to acquire a useful skill and encourage their self-esteem. They are a great service and certainly worth using.

When I can, I join them in the yard work. After all this time I have come to know some of the workers who have been regularly assigned to my yard and enjoy their enthusiasm and commitment to doing this job for me."

 ~Dorothy Wall

“I have used Able Gardeners for over 10 years now. They really have a great handle on my landscaping needs. It’s great for our household because not only do we get great landscaping, but we also are able to support the Pomeroy Center, too. I recommend this group highly.”

~Juliana Sommer

"(Able Gardeners) have been a great help to me. I inherited them from my mother who used them for her home. After she died and I had a home of my own, I used them to keep my unimproved backyard looking good.  They manage to cheerfully transform a spot of "scorched earth" to looking tidy, neat and inviting. They are punctual, courteous and industrious and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

~Denise Ruggeri

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