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The Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center, through its innovative One Center Program provides a wide variety of supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic and acquired brain injuries.


As a participant in One Center, you will be encouraged to establish goals and continue to enrich your life through our lifelong learning approach. Center staff will work collaboratively with you, your family, and others in your circle of support to identify what is important to you and important for you. You get to select from a wide variety of enriching activities and opportunities, including:

For enrollment information,
please contact Lesley Steele,
Director of Adult Day Services



As a participant in PRRC’s arts program, you may choose from a wide array of opportunities for self-expression. Art and drama classes are taught by instructors from the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) throughout most of the year. Guest artist visits and residencies enhance the curriculum. All instructors bring a depth and breadth of teaching experience to the Center and cultivate a learning environment filled with a sense of wonder, investigation, excitement, creative problem solving and magic.


You will find the Center’s sunlight-filled art studio an ideal incubator for your creativity, where you can create fine art, crafts, ceramics, and multi-media projects. Our Main Hall, with its stage, lighting and sound system, provides all that’s needed for dramatic presentations and dance.


The curriculum maximizes opportunities for public display and performance of participant work. The annual art show provides artists both public recognition and a source of revenue from sales. 




Computers and the Internet are so woven into our lives today that many people take their many advantages for granted: the ability to communicate instantly, increased access to information, entertainment, social networking, shopping, financial tools, and business opportunities.

Fortunately, parents and funders (notably, the Lab’s cornerstone sponsor, the Bay Area Knights of Columbus) recognized way back in 1995 the potential value of computer access for people with developmental disabilities and invested early in appropriate technology. The Adaptive Computer Lab manifests PRRC’s mission to offer programs “that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement, and lead to greater independence.”

As a client of PRRC, you can use a range of technologies for learning, preparation for work in an office setting, for creativity, or for fun. With numerous computer stations, iPads, video cameras and more, you can do everything from listening to music or making your own videos to emailing off a job application or editing a photo.




As a client of PRRC, you may choose from a range of activities designed to improve your well-being and quality of life. These range from walking groups, yoga, and Zumba to classes in gardening, cooking, meditation, and peer support groups, all of which encourage you to make healthy life choices and have positive social interactions.



PRRC’s beautiful garden includes multiple raised beds of succulents, herbs, edibles and flowers. We have also just added a chicken coop and chickens, and fruit trees are coming soon. As a client, you may participate in a range of gardening activities based on the season, the garden’s needs and your interest. You can also just come and sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet.




Want to try kayaking? Want to visit the Academy of Sciences? Want to go camping or to Disneyland? As a PRRC client, you have access to a range of free and low-cost outings and trips throughout the year. Whatever your need, staff will support you and ensure that you are safe, that you try exciting new things - and have fun!

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